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Those of  you who have visited our studio have met Champ and Pedro,
friendly Mountain Dogs
by TrailsEnd  Estrela Mountain Dog
Champ (Shar mountain dog)


Pedro and

Gone but not forgotten
Pedro died October 4, 2009 (5 1/2 years old)( Cao Da Serra Da Estrela)
Champ died Feb. 26, 2010 (13 1/2 years old)


    (after Christopher Smart)

For I will consider my Dog Pedro.

For he can make his eyes red, and sleep with them open.

For he can climb on top of picnic tables and boulders.

For he can trust that no one will step on his tail or his feet or his head.

For he can put a whole kitten’s head in his mouth and not hurt it.

For he can sing when the train goes by.

For he can knock on the door in the middle of the night.

For he can chew up foam rubber mats and flip-flops.

For he doesn’t say, this walk around the block isn’t good enough, yesterday’s walk at the lake was better.

For he only looks at what is in front of him, not what is in back.

For he doesn’t say, I don’t like living in Oakland. I’d rather live in the Swiss Alps.

For he doesn’t say, I don’t like stinky humans. You need a bath.

For he doesn’t say, I’d rather live with somebody else.

For he doesn’t say, I should have run in the other direction at the park yesterday, there would have been more rabbits.

For he doesn’t say, I am not good enough. I am not accomplishing enough with my life.

For he doesn’t say, I want liver flavored food tonight. I’m sick and tired of chicken.

For he doesn’t say, maybe the other dogs don’t like me.

For he doesn’t say, maybe I don’t look furry enough, young enough. I need to get prettied up.

For he can hunt birds and rabbits and lizards.

For he can play tug of war with a sock.

For he can twitch and yelp as he runs in his sleep.

For he can lie on his back and wiggle and wait.

For he can drool.

For he has one white paw.

Rose Black

Pedro 12 weeks  Pedro - 12 Weeks old

Pedro 5 years
Pedro -5 1/2 years